5-day corporative trip to the top of Mount Elbrus with oxygen

Climbing Mount Elbrus usually takes at least 10 days including two extra days in case of bad weather. But only few people can afford to stay away from their work for such a long term. A 5-day program use for these clients. This program makes it possible to ascend the mount within the briefest term and at the same time to do it with minimum efforts and absolutely safely.

During ordinary climbing programs acclimatization takes 6 to 7 days while organism adapts to highmountain conditions. But it's not required if climbers use oxygen during ascending. In this case a participant will not feel lack of oxygen moreover he will be able to have even more oxygen then in usual conditions. It can be reached by regulating oxygen delivery rate.

How does the climbing take place?

We choose a one of 5 scheduled days when the weather forecast is the most favorable to start ascending. It takes approximately a day to set up from the hotel, get to the top and be back to the hotel again. First we go up to Elbrus slope by cable car, accommodate ourselves in a mountain hut and take a short walk up. The instructor explains and demonstrates how to use an iceaxe and walk with crampons, after that you come back to the shelter. You should have a good sleep during the rest of a day. At midnight we wake up, have a meal, put on our clothing and equipment and set up to the top of Elbrus. First a snowcat takes us to the altitude of 15000-16000 ft (depending on the slope condition) and then we walk. During the whole distance from the very bottom you keep breathing in oxygen through a special mountaineering mask that's why you don't feel lack of oxygen but only exercise stress.

Whose interests does this program meet?

As long as this kind of climbing is easier then other simple standard programs of Elbrus climbing it is suitable for those who are not too fit for such exercising including children (over 12), elderly people and overweight ones. The only demand is absence of medical contraindications for stressful exercises.

How safe is this trip?

Lack of oxygen can seem the main danger of Elbrus. But in this very program oxygen starvation is excluded because participants breathe with oxygen. There is very small chance that some part of equipment gets out of order or lost or oxygen in a tank is over. It hardly ever happens but just in case your instructor has full extra set of oxygen equipment in his backpack including full tank of oxygen.

What are we up to beside climbing the top?

So 2 days of five are going to be spent for the climbing itself. Just after climbing you will go down to the hotel where you enjoy hot Russian sauna with birch and oak brooms. You will relax for the rest of a day. During other 3 days you will have one day trips in the most beautiful places of Elbrus area, Irikchat Valley, Mount Cheget and Terskol Valley in particular.

What is service included?

  • Individual meeting in the airport of Mineralnye Vody (MRV).
  • Transfer according to the program.
  • Meals all the days in restaurants and packed lunches during traveling in mountains.
  • Accommodation both in the hotel at the foot of the mountain and in the hut on Elbrus slope.
  • Professional mountain guides` service.
  • All needed equipment including mountain boots.
  • All means of safety including GPS navigator, satellite phone, ropes, emergency set of oxygen equipment, medical kit and itc.
  • Successful Elbrus climbing certificate.
  • Woodlogged Russian sauna with brooms.

Not included service?

  • Private clothing (beside mountain boots).
  • Meals and drinks beside scheduled menu.
  • Flight to Mineralnye Vody (MRV) and return flight.